Ms. Aligned 2: Women Writing About Men

El León Literary Arts
ISBN 978-0-9891277-5-2
6" x 9" 126 pp.
Pub date: Oct. 30, 2017

The second in a series, Ms. Aligned 2 is an anthology of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction in which women writers explore male thinking, behavior, and identity. Included are statements by the authors in which they discuss their reasons for writing about men.

The book features sixteen contributors, including cover artist Súa Agapé.

Bedeviled: A Novella

Manoa Books/El León Literary Arts
ISBN 978-0-9799504-0-7
6" x 9" 128 pp.
Pub date: Dec. 30, 2016

At war with the better angels of his nature, Ted Koga takes refuge in a realm of fantasy and sensuality. He comes to prefer it to his daily life, then discovers that it is as unsafe as it is seductive, as likely to expose his secrets as keep them. While the online identity he fashions helps him to survive, it also threatens the fragile realities of family, love, and faith in himself.

Bedeviled is a virtuous tale about ordinary sin and redemption on one level, but also a tale of societal madness and a tale of escape into an alternate possible self. Ted Koga, the main character, is entirely believable. He seems at first to be on the royal road to paranoia and ruin but is extracted by the fates, as it were, for a great ending.
Gary Mawyer, author of Dark and Other Stories

Bedevilled is a lyrically written exploration of a man who, for a variety of social, sexual and personal reasons, violently rejects all that he holds dear and begins to live a hallucinatory life of addiction. The novella’s intention is not to offer yet another example of a man at the edge of desperation, but to search for a way back to a compassionate order of things where the body has its own integrity, sex its own loving and healing power. Here, each person can stand "face to face" with his or her own self and say: there is nothing to fear if you try, whenever possible, to live according to the integrity of your own reason, rejection of all moral and spiritual abuse, and the unhurt acceptance of even those who may have wronged you.
Alok Bhalla, Teacher, Critic, Translator

Ms. Aligned: Women Writing About Men

Aligned Press, 2016
Distributed by
ISBN 978-1-3299707-7-9
8.5" x 11" 133 pp. (PDF)

Inspired by the response to "Male Creations and Their Female Creators"—a panel I organized for the 2014 conference of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs—I asked Sheyene Foster Heller if she'd like to help me gather more work written by women about men. The culmination of a two-year project, this anthology has twenty women writers and visual artists. We see men struggling with tenderness and need; reflecting on their identities and their futures; engaged in foreign and civil wars that have taken over their personal lives; and trapped between survival and transcendence. Included in the book is commentary in which the women describe their motivations and the male influences on their work. Contributors range from recipients of local and national awards to a college senior. For details, see the project website.


El León Literary Arts and Manoa Books, 2006
ISBN 978-0-9762983-8-0
6" x 10" 80 pp.

As a collection, the poems interweave tangible images; human failing; abstract ideas about literature, poetry, and healing; and love. A powerful and moving voice—soft and at the same time very strong. I would call it not acerbic, but uncompromising. These poems tell the truth—the beauty and the pain of life—and hold out hope that steadfastness and clear sight will heal us.—Phyllis Young, author of Sea Home
Evocative, sensuous, plangent, the poems in Pat Matsueda's long-awaited book are charged with the phenomenal world. Line by line, phrase by phrase, these poems won't go away: when you close your eyes, they are there; when you open your eyes, they are still there.—Arthur Sze, author of The Redshifting Web: Poems 1978–1998
It's a remarkable piece of work, confronting realities very few of us have the courage to address, in language that draws us deeply into what is painful, ambivalent, and liberating.—Barry Lopez, author of Arctic Dreams
It is an immensely gratifying book and I will treasure it as one of the best in my collection.—Gene Frumkin, author of Freud by Other Means
Such wise, tender, and beautiful poems!—Molly Giles, author of IRON SHOES
I'm reading STRAY, one poem a day, and finding my first good opinion more than justified—it's the best book to come my way in a long time.—Michael Hannon, author of Trusting Oblivion

The Fish Catcher

Petronium Press, 1985 
ISBN 978-0-9321360-8-4
5.5" x 8.5" 32 pp.

This chapbook begins with two epigraphs: 

Once I came across two ideographs for the word "love." The first contained the root words "heart" and "hand" and "action"—love as hands and heart in action together. The other ideograph, for "passionate love," was formed of "heart," "to tell," and "a long thread."—Joy Kogawa

I ask to be melted. You can only ask of the metals that they be tender to the fire that melts them. To nought else can they be tender.—Thoreau

What binds all these tension-filled yet quiet poems together is the kind of economy that a chapbook should encourage.…In The Paper and her other endeavors, Pat Matsueda has consistently presented Hawaii's writing to best advantage. It's a pleasure to see her own fine poetry published with the same care in The Fish Catcher.—Craig Howes, coauthor of The Value of Hawai‘i
Each poem cuts through to the deep center and then begins to resonate and echo there, like a pebble thrown right into the pool of my life.—James D. Houston, author of Continental Drift

The cover of  T  he Fish Catcher  features a beautiful photograph that was taken by Hawai‘i photographer Franco Salmoiraghi and wraps around to the back.

The cover of The Fish Catcher features a beautiful photograph that was taken by Hawai‘i photographer Franco Salmoiraghi and wraps around to the back.