Originally from the U.S., photographer Jim Wageman now lives in Thailand. His site features images of Thailand, Cambodia, and other places.

Jim is also the author of two books: Sublime Beauty: Hawai‘i's Trees (Bishop Museum Press, Honolulu) and A Literary Lei: Flowers & Plants of Hawai‘i (Watermark Publishing, Honolulu).

Nick Edards has been documenting the life cycle and habits of bats for many years. A fine example of his work is this image of a mother and her baby. See his site for videos and more photographs.

An image Gary produced to illustrate his archives.

Fiction writer Gary Mawyer has a wonderful blog at his website. His interests are so varied, his intelligence so deep, and his writing so good that I can't think of a better place to enjoy language and a smart man's thoughts. 

Even though I could guess the shape and ending of the story, I still felt compelled to continue watching Tomek Baginski's animated film.  

A high-resolution version of this exquisitely made film can be found at Platige Image's website.