is the brainchild of Dutch techie and entrepreneur Arnold Schrijver.

Originally from the U.S., photographer Jim Wageman now lives in Thailand. His site features images of Thailand, Cambodia, and other places.

Jim is also the author of two books: Sublime Beauty: Hawai‘i's Trees (Bishop Museum Press, Honolulu) and A Literary Lei: Flowers & Plants of Hawai‘i (Watermark Publishing, Honolulu).

Nick Edards has been documenting the life cycle and habits of bats for many years. A fine example of his work is this image of a mother and her baby. See his site for videos and more photographs.

An image Gary produced to illustrate his archives.

Fiction writer Gary Mawyer has a wonderful blog at his website. His interests are so varied, his intelligence so deep, and his writing so good that I can't think of a better place to enjoy language and a smart man's thoughts. 

Even though I could guess the shape and ending of the story, I still felt compelled to continue watching Tomek Baginski's animated film.  

A high-resolution version of this exquisitely made film can be found at Platige Image's website.