• Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities
    January 2018, Honolulu
    "Ghosts and the Literary Imagination," a panel organized by Steve Heller, professor and chair of the creative writing department of Antioch University Los Angeles. Other panelists were Sheyene Foster Heller (Barton Community College), Mark Spencer (University of Arkansas Monticello), and myself. See the Work and Peace blog for my contribution.
  • Conference and Bookfair of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs
    February 2017, Washington, DC
    "Translation: Bringing Pakistani Writer Intizar Husain to the West," a panel presentation on February 9, is based on Story Is a Vagabond, the summer 2015 issue of Manoa Journal. Alok Bhalla, guest editor of the volume, will be on the panel, and Frank Stewart, editor of Manoa, will moderate. As the journal’s managing editor, I will talk about my work on the volume and about Intizar Husain’s influence on my writing.
  • Hawai‘i Book and Music Festival
    May 2016, Honolulu
    At this event, three other women and I read and talked about our contributions to Ms. Aligned: Women Writing about Men.
  • Conference and Bookfair of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs
    February 2014, Seattle, Washington
    Participating in "Male Creations and Their Female Creators" were Naomi Long, Sharon May, Adele Ne Jame, Shawna Yang Ryan, and me. The event was described as follows in the proposal: "The women reading are award-winning authors with several books among them. Three have lived in other countries, and all are the daughters of immigrants to the United States. Their perspectives on literature, culture, society, and art are therefore not those of mainstream writers. In addition to reading their work, they will explain why they are fascinated by male characters and will talk about some of the men in their lives who have appeared in their writing." 
  • Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities
    January 2013, Honolulu
    "The Wave as Metaphor and Motif: A Discussion of the Use of Waves as a Literary Device" was a presentation organized by Steve Heller, professor and chair of the MFA in creative writing program at Antioch University Los Angeles. In the abstract prepared for the conference, Steve wrote, "From surfers to poets, the ocean has long called the cadence of humanity’s dreams. Four writers with distinctively different voices will discuss the use of waves as metaphor and motif in their own work, including short readings from work in progress." As one of the panelists, I talked about the wave metaphor as manifested in my poem "Wave of Cereus." (The picture above of the night-blooming cereus is from Wikipedia.)
  • University of the Ryukyus
    March 2010, Naha, Okinawa
    Hosted by Professor Katsunori Yamazato, Frank Stewart and I gave talks on the editing and production of Voices from Okinawa, the summer 2009 issue of Manoa Journal.  The two-hour session was attended by faculty and graduate students involved in literary and linguistic projects at UR. Frank and I also met with Professor Yamazato to discuss the editing and production of a follow-up volume to Voices. This eventually became Living Spirit: Literature and Resurgence in Okinawa, the summer 2011 issue of Manoa.