To mark my 2019 birthday, I’m starting a new blog and dedicating the first post—a response to Richard Thompson’s 2018 album, 13 Rivers—to my friends at KTUH-FM.

When I was a UHM student, I volunteered for the station. Fred Barbaria was the general manager, and my teammates included Mike Holland, Russ Roberts, Ross Stephenson, and Rick Lenox. As I recall, I typed the program guide on an IBM Selectric and ran off copies on a Gestetner machine. Thinking back on those days, I’m filled with great affection for the people and great embarrassment at my terrible work habits.

Last year, I had the chance to appear on KTUH in connection with Ms. Aligned 2: Women Writing About Men. Along with Angela Nishimoto and Mary Archer, I read my writing and answered questions posed by Anjoli Roy, the host of It’s Lit with PhDJ. I am grateful to Anjoli for helping me renew my connection to KTUH.