The power of an image

Photographer Wayne Levin sent me the URL for his new website. The structure of the site is simple, allowing the photographs to exert their full force on the viewer. Looking over the site, I decided to read his biography. I wasn't expecting to be caught up in the narrative, but there was no hope for me once I started.

Here are an excerpt

Wayne was invited by Dr. Randal Kosaki to accompany the August 2009 research cruise of the NOAA vessel Hi’ialakai to the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument. He felt extremely privileged to be allowed to visit and photograph in a place that so few people are able to go. As he journeyed through these islands and atolls, Wayne came to feel he was in an extraordinary place. It is a place of both awesome natural power, and extreme fragility. Many of the unique species are critically endangered, and the pollution from the entire pacific threatens this pristine environment.

and a screenshot of the Papahanaumokuakea opening page: