A willing world

Wind rose, an image from Wikimedia Commons (click to view at full size).

Questions from my friend Trevor Carolan:

My editor chum, do we
1. Simply permit ourselves to shut up and be ignored?
2. Write, then be read and ignored?
3. Be read, combed for good ideas and acted upon by readers who somehow, some way find their way to our work?
4. If the latter, what does the world need? Want?

My answers:

Writers can't shut up. They can only be forced to be quiet. Therefore, yes, they must write and, inevitably, suffer being ignored by many people. A few individuals—so few they don't even constitute a minority—will embrace the ideas of writers and act on them. 

In a field of red flowers, these individuals constitute the occasional orange or pink flower.

While having lunch a few days ago with Tom Farber, he made the point that none of what we do—writing, editing, publishing, helping other authors—is done in a "willing world." That is, a world that wants or needs us to do these things.