Monday, Monday


Last week was grueling. Not only were we rushing to get the issue out of the office, but we also had trouble getting one of the cover images, our final project report for SFCA was due, and we had a farewell party. Stayed up till midnight last night working on corrections to the issue. Was difficult to fall asleep. Today will be very busy, but I'm hoping we can finally finish Cascadia: The Life and Breath of the World.

Dear life, what challenges you pose me!


An important phase of our work this afternoon was the reduction of typefaces used in the issue. With Frank's wise guidance, we eliminated all Times and Times New Roman fonts, replacing them with Minion Pro ones. We also checked on all the images, making sure they were high-res and grayscale (easily accomplished with QXP's Utilities function).

A few hours were spent resolving consistency issues and tightening loose lines, sometimes editorially. In the process, we found this helpful page on terminology.

Late in the afternoon, our designer sent us a PDF file for the title page, and we successfully set that page. 

At the end of the day, we prepared a package for delivery to UH Press. The computer file for each issue must be saved not only in the native format but also in PDF and postscript ones. Of course, all fonts and images must accompany the files.

Frank will deliver the package to UHP tomorrow morning.

P.S. I have erased what I wrote earlier about figuring out the printer. As it turned out, I did not have the key to unlocking the Samsung printer universe. Its secrets are safe from me—for now.