Monday revised

Nothing like the passage of time to compel you to revise your words… 

Looking at the PDF file for the issue yesterday, I saw that the title page was in fact not set correctly. That caused me to take a look at the rest of the pages, and I found about five that needed revision (incorrect text box for the title; incorrect placement of captions). We had to submit a new CD to UHP.

Re my comment on Monday about the reduction of typefaces, here are a few more thoughts. Several languages appear in the issue, which made the typesetting a challenge.  Among them are Greek, Chinese, and languages of the First Nations. When we were looking at the Greek text, Frank said, "Any typeface that has Greek characters should have the full complement." Rather than introduce a new family (Times), he said to try Minion. As it turned out, Minion Pro had the full complement and its typographic design was superior to that of Times. See Adobe's type page on Minion.