Saturday in the park

Stress and fatigue prevented me from writing a suitable post yesterday.

This morning I walked with my sister at the Manoa Recreation Center. It had been some years since we'd done this, and I was happy to see that most of the area had remained the same. A Little League team was practicing on one of the baseball diamonds, and my sister and I were amazed by the strength and skill of the boys, the oldest of whom looked to be ten or so. She and I walked for about thirty-five minutes, then sprinted up the hill to the parking area. 

Last night I dreamt I was going the wrong way on a highway and ended up in the past. Most of the dream was pleasant, and I remember kissing someone. Ah, the dream kiss: one of the subjects covered in My Dinner with Eden, a play I wrote for my good friend Alex. 

Just posted Frank Stewart's great photo of Nelson on his last day. See the journal's Facebook page.